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About ACE

Mitsui Prime Advanced Composites Europe B.V., or “ACE” as our colleagues call it, is founded in 2018. Our name is a combination of the different organizations that are our shareholders. We have ‘Mitsui’, which reflects Mitsui Chemicals Inc. and also Mitsui & Co, the trading company that is located in Japan. ‘Prime’ is the abbreviation for Prime Polymer, the third shareholder of ACE. All three companies have their headquarters in Japan.

We are the first European plant under the flag of the Mitsui Chemicals Group to produce PP compound. The Mitsui Chemicals Group has a history that goes back much further than our date of birth. In 1912 a company was started in Kyushu (Japan) that focused on the coal industry. From that origin, the company has grown to become a large-scale multinational that currently employs around 17,000 people.

Located on the Chemelot site, we have 2 locations from which we actively serve the European market. Our headquarters on the Polymeerstraat is our production location. In addition, we have an office from where R&D and Sales work. They are on the campus of Brightlands, the R&D hotspot of the region!

President’s Message

Our people and the people we work with are valuable to our organization. ACE strives for a long-term relationship with its employees and customers. Our objective is to become the number 1 supplier of PP compound worldwide. We want to do this with a solution-oriented mind setting. With the presence of our R&D department, we can ensure that challenges our customers are facing are solved together with us. We have a factory in Europe that ensures that we can build on partnerships locally, react quickly and accurately. Meanwhile we can rely on the extensive experience that our mother company and global network already have built up.

Corporate Mission

Contribute broadly to society by providing high-quality products and services to customers through innovation and the creation of materials, while keeping in harmony with the global environment.