Summerevent 2024


We’re thrilled to invite you to our company’s summer event on July 5th! We’ve got a full schedule for the afternoon planned at All-in Echt, along with some delicious food and drinks for you to enjoy. Save the date and come celebrate the summer season with your colleagues!

To let us know you’re attending, please fill out the form below. You’ll be able to select the activity you want to participate in, but please note that changes can’t be made once you’ve registered.

Here’s what the event schedule looks like:

15.30-16.00: Time to arrive and get settled at All-in Echt!
16.00-17.00: Activity 1: Activity of your choice
17.00-17.15: Short break
17.15-18.30: Activity 2: Quiz time!
18.30-20.00: BBQ and more refreshments

Please note that transportation to and from the event is your responsibility. We don’t allow drinking and driving, so please make arrangements in advance.

If you want to join the summerevent, but don’t want to participate in the acitivities, please state it in the comment section below.  

Due date for registration is June 21st!

See you on July 5th!